Reducing downtime & waste, improving quality, increasing efficiency and productivity, enhancing safety and reducing energy costs are the benefits of automation.  This isn't a luxury just for large companies.  With cost-effective solutions, small businesses can dramatically increase their competitiveness and ability to economically produce parts and finished products as well.  Done properly, automation should make your company more competitive in the marketplace, and drive higher revenues and higher margins. 

Are your needs in the area of data monitoring systems, data acquisition, measurement, or information presentation and management?  We have the resources to find the software, computer, operator interface, I/O, sensors, bar coding, control and communications solutions you require.  The Control Point team have been technically and/or factory trained on such products as Pro-face, Red Lion, Sixnet, RTDs, Citect SCADA, Historian and Ampla.  And with an application engineer as a part of our team, Control Point is able to provide technical support, application assistance and training services as well. 

Servicing Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, Control Point can help offer you the solutions to keep your business on target. 

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