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4G LTE Cellular Router
4G LTE Cellular Router

SN-6901-xx - 4G LTE Cellular Router with one built-in ethernet port supported on AT&T and Verizon

SN-6921-xx - 4G LTE Cellular Router with five built-in ethernet ports supported on the AT&T and Verizon

Models are also available that support carriers such as Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus and others.

RAM-6921-xx - Cellular RTU Router with integrated switch

Cellular RTU Router

Cellular Routers

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Do you want even more functionality out of your cellular router?

Consider Red Lion's RAM Cellular RTU - it has all the functionality of their cellular routers


​     -  IP Fallback: use your hardwired connection without fail over to a cellular connection

     -  Read Modbus data from devices

     -  Events to send text message and email alerts

     -  Data logging

     -  and More!

Cellular routers are functionally the same as the combination of the cable modem and wireless router that many people use in their homes to access the internet.  In the case of the cellular router, the connection to the internet is made via the cellular network and because it is a router, there is an internal firewall to prevent unwanted intrusions.  Additionally, the router is programmable so that it will support Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), Port Forwarding, Network Address Translation (NAT) and other useful functions that allow for secure access between remote sites.

​​Red Lion manufactures industrial cellular routers suitable for control panel mounting in adverse conditions. Some of their more popular models are listed below: