Verizon Wireless

As a Verizon Partner, Control Point provides cellular data plans for our

customers, packaged to meet the requirements of our industrial and municipal clients.  We help you manage your data use and cost by packaging data plans on an annual billing cycle, offering fixed IP addresses as needed, setting up public and restricted IP addresses, and by providing plans from 1MB to 10 GB per month.  We will even help you with the initial configuration of your Red Lion Cellular Router to work with Verizon's network.

Cellular Service

Cell Data Solutions

If your need is for a more secure, manageable platform, Cell Data Solutions provides a private network solution on top of standard carrier cellular systems.  Their private network approach improves the security of your system while providing you the data where and when you need it.  If security is at the top of your list, ask us about Cell Data Solutions data plans.
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