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Control Point's History

Control Point Inc. was founded in 2000 as a representative for high technology automation and data acquisition products.  From the beginning, we have had a long term view of the market and the customers that we serve.  Our goal is to keep our customers working efficiently with the highest quality, cost effective, and innovative technologies.

When the company was founded by Jeff Murray in January of 2000, the business was focused on SCADA Software (specifically Citect).  At the time, his experience with process based field instruments and PLC’s made for an excellent foundation to support customers as they implemented and expanded data acquisition systems.  Over the years, the company has expanded its focus to numerous hardware oriented vendors including J. Schneider, MB Connect Line, Proface, Red Lion, and Schneider Electric Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions.

Over the last three years, we have greatly expanded our abilities in communications for local and remote applications. Our expansion and innovation in the field of industrial automation lead to being named an IoT (Internet of Things) Innovator by The Channel Company. We also have extensive networking experience, including for applications that require data radios and cellular routers. 

Our greatest success is with vendors and customers with whom we have been able to establish a close relationship so that they can take advantage of our industry knowledge and extensive experience.  We take a consultative approach with our customers focused on solving problems associated with the need for better control, communication, data acquisition and analysis.

Control Point Inc Industrial Automation IoT and Water Management

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