​​Schneider Electric RTU's

A range of compact Smart RTU's that combine the capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of a Programmable Logic Controller and are designed to run in challenging, remote environments. Supporting open event-driven protocols such as DNP3 and IEC 60870-5, the SCADAPack 300E and ES range They provide a scalable controller platform that ensures end to end, reliable and secure control and monitoring of remote assets for critical infrastructure.

Schneider Electric rPAC's

The first ever remote Programmable Automation Controller (rPAC) that combines the power of a PAC with the versatility of an RTU.  Compliant with the relevant standards, it is capable of operating remotely in harsh environments.  The rPAC can improve your telemetry system performance by dramatically increasing execution speed, allowing more connectivity, and by adding a new level of functionality to the monitoring and control of remote assets.​​

Bedrock PLC Automation Controllers

Bedrock Automation's Secure Control and Communication Module (SCC) uses layers of embedded technology to deliver a new paradigm of control performance and cyber security. Single or Dual Redundant SCCs mount on the revolutionary Bedrock magnetic backplane interconnection (BMI) adjacent to the Secure Power and Secure IO Modules. With embedded gigabit Ethernet, the SCCs can be distributed up to 20 kilometers for maximum installation flexibility. 

​Red Lion PID Controllers

The perfect solution for your basic control requirements. The PXU’s capabilities cover applications requiring simple on/off control all the way to full PID control. Featuring one of the industry’s largest displays, the PXU is easy to read from a distance. Available in various sizes, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN and packaged in a space saving design, the PXU can be installed into enclosures with a reduced depth to save space and money.

Schneider Electric rPac's
Red Lion PID Controllers

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Schneider Electric RTU's
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