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Industrial Automation

Control Point was founded in 2000 as an industrial software and controls distributor.  18 years later our core offer to the marketplace is very much the same.  We work with vendors who manufacture industrially hardened equipment for the most difficult of applications.  Typically, the applications we solve require hardware that can withstand extremes of temperature or vibration, and are intended to be installed on the factory floor or other robust environments.  As important as the quality of the products our manufacturers build is the quality of the advice and experience that we can provide in ensuring your application is designed and implemented correctly.  We know there is a difference between the required uptime on the production floor and that expected in less time-critical applications.  That is why we work carefully with our clients to ask the difficult questions in advance of offering solutions.

Whether you're looking to improve or kickstart your automation processes a great place to start is with Red Lion's Graphite HMI's

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