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To take the first step into the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility check out Exor's eXware seriesActing as the central element in IIoT landscape the eXware can communicate between automation devices, cloud, fog and applications.

Jeff Murray and Control Point - IoT Innovator

Web Solutions/IoT (Internet of Things)

Since the early 2000’s, Control Point has been helping customers connect their equipment and software systems together via Ethernet communications.  Typically, this has meant intelligent devices like controllers, PLC’s, and HMI’s being connected back to SCADA software.  Today, more and more devices have the intelligence to communicate via Ethernet giving us the ability to share more data easily.  Further, the prevalence of the internet has changed how people wish to view and receive this information.  Control Point today offers solutions that provide data via cloud-based dashboards without the complexity of PC based web servers and the cost associated with building that infrastructure.  Using hardware products from companies like MB Connect Line and Red Lion we are able to expose data to users in a secure method at a reasonable price point.  The application will drive the solution that will work best and we have the experience to help customers determine their best path forward.

Another vendor that we frequently work with is LEC, specifically for their IIoT experience and IQWeb SCADA capabilities.