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CUB5 Series 

Red Lion's CUB®5 is the ultimate in panel meter flexibility, from its complete user programming to the optional setpoint control and communication capability. The meter can also be programmed as a single or dual setpoint control. With its size and capabilities, the CUB5 is one of the most powerful meters on the market.

CUB4 Series 

Red Lion's CUB®4 offers a large display in a miniature package. No programming is required for these units making them ideal for basic applications.

CUB7 Series 

Red Lion's CUB®7 is a dedicated function eight digit miniature panel meter. The CUB7 panel meter is battery powered, easy to use, and built with features not expected from a unit with such a small form factor.

Specialty Meters 

Red Lion offers a full line of component displays, which enable custom meters to be built for specific applications. Various display sizes, colors, and mounting options are available to built the perfect meter. The component displays are a perfect solution for counting, timing and DC voltage measurement applications.

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Miniature Meters

Red Lion C48 Series Standard Panel Meters
Red Lion CUB7 Series Miniature Panel Meters
Red Lion PAX Lite Series Standard Panel Meters
Red Lion CUB5 Series Miniature Panel Meters

PAX2 Series

From the dual line, tri-color display to universal power and input capabilities, Red Lion's PAX®2 is packed full of features that set it apart from other panel meters. Field upgradeable option cards for outputs and communications add even more versatility, allowing the PAX2 to deliver an ideal solution for applications requiring two parameters to be visualized at the same time.

PAX Series 

Red Lion's PAX® meter is the workhorse of our panel meter line-up. Models include both digital and analog inputs. From its sunlight readable display to the wide variety of field-installable options cards, the PAX meter will easily handle your application requirements.

PAX Lite Series 

Red Lion's PAX® Lite line of panel meters answers the call for a dedicated meter that offers high quality. The PAX Lite is perfect for basic machines, simple process control, and similar applications.


Red Lion's C48 counter/timer panel meters are available as a standard counter/timer or a batch counter/timer. The standard unit is available with single or dual presets while the batch model has a main process counter or timer with dual presets and a secondary counter with a single preset. The secondary counter can be selected to function as a batch or a total counter.

Red Lion PAX Series Standard Panel Meters
Red Lion Specialty Miniature Panel Meters

Panel Meters

Standard Meters

Red Lion PAX2 Series Standard Panel Meters
Red Lion CUB4 Series Miniature Panel Meters