Bedrock Power Supply

  SPM.U - Secure Power Module - Universal AC Input - BMI Mounted
  SPM.24 - Secure Power Module - 24 VDC Input - BMI Mounted

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Power Supplies

NTRON Power Supply

  NTPS-24-1.3 - DIN-Rail Power Supply, 1.3 Amp @ 24 VDC
  NTPS-24-TT-700 - Table top power supply 1.04 Amp @ 24VDC
  NTPS-24-WA-700 - Wall Adaptor Power Supply 0.8 Amp @ 24VDC​​

Bedrock Secure Power Supply Module

J. Schneider Power Supplies

  UNOTEC-2405N ​- Switch Mode Power Supply, 5A 
  ​UNOTEC-2410N - Switch Mode Power Supply, 10A  

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NTRON Power Supply

Sixnet Power Supply

  ET-PS-024-02 - 24 VDC AC Power Supply
Control Point Inc Industrial Automation IoT and Water Management
Sixnet Industrial AC Power Supply
J Schneider Switch Mode Power Supply