Control Point Inc Industrial Automation IoT and Water Management

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Wireless Transmitters

Wireless instruments for measuring and monitoring data in challenging environments

UPS Systems

UPS Systems are built to be installed in control cabinets, mounted on DIN rail & perform in tough environments

UPS Systems


Managed, Real-Time Unmanaged, and Ring Monitored Ethernet Switches

Operator Interfaces
Panel Meters
Protocol Converters

Control Point Automation Products

Controllers / RTU's

Schneider Electric RTU's & rPAC's and Bedrock PLC Automation and Red Lion PID Controllers

Cellular Routers
Industrial Software Products, SCADA Dream Report

Industrial I/O

I/O modules provide simple and secure remote monitoring for deployments in harsh environments

Operator Interfaces

Operator interfaces enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control processes


SCADA, Topview Alarm Management, and Dream Report software

Industrial Computers

Industrial PCs for improved productivity and an enhanced user experience

Industrial Computers

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Remote Maintenance Routers
Wireless Transmitters

Remote Mtc Routers

Control Point analyzes your data to identify your most valuable customers.

​​​panel Meters

Standard and miniature Red Lion panel meters for all environments and applications

Industrial I/O Products

Protocol Converters

Protocol converters bridge the comm gap between disparate serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices

Cellular Routers

Cellular routers suitable for control panel mounting in adverse conditions