Control Point Inc Industrial Automation IoT and Water Management

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Accutech - Battery-powered wireless sensor networks

​SCADAPack 100, 300, 32 - Modbus-centric Smart RTU

​​SCADAPack 300E, ES - DNP3/IEC60870 centric Smart RTU

​​SCADAPack 500E rPAC- Remote Programmable Automation Controller

​​SCADAPack 50 - Battery-powered wireless data logger

Trio License-free Radios - License-free ethernet and serial data radios

Trio Licensed Radios - Ethernet and serial data radios

​ClearSCADA - SCADA software for telemetry and remote SCADA applications​​

Schneider Electric - TRSS (Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions) was formerly known as Control Microsystems prior to their acquisition by Schneider Electric.  They provide solutions for varying industries with their RTU's, Radios, Wireless Instrumentation, and SCADA software products.

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