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SCADA for Remote Applications – ClearSCADA by Schneider Electric

 ClearSCADA was designed for remote communications with a built in DNP3 communications          driver and the ability to integrate the intelligent monitoring of radios and cellular routers in to        the SCADA system.  Operator interface, alarm and historical data with automatic trend                      backfilling via DNP3 make ClearSCADA an excellent choice for remote applications

SCADA for in-Plant Applications - ​Citect / Vijeo Citect by Schneider Electric

​ Citect is best suited for plant applications where the need exists for real-time data, alarms and                historical data to be collected from one or many control systems.  With a large library of built-in              communications drivers, Citect is a great fit for anyone who needs flexibility now or in the future.

Dream Report

​Dream Report is the first programming free, user- friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. 

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