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Capacitor Backed UPS

The DC-buffer module C-TEC works with Ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing.  In case of an interruption of the DC-supply, the energy of the Ultracapacitors is released.  The load is energised from the buffer module, til it is discharged.  The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current.

Battery Backed UPS 

The battery buffered DC power supply of the series AKKUTEC is working according the stand-by parallel mode and ensures in connection with a lead-acid accumulator a safe continuous DC power supply in case of mains failure.

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UPS Systems

J Schneider Battery Backed UPS System
J Schneider Capacitor Backed UPS System

Industrial UPS Systems are designed to be installed in control cabinets, mounted on DIN rail and to perform in tough environments.  J. Schneider's Capacitor backed and Battery backed UPS systems are designed in this way.  We often see an office grade UPS sitting in the bottom of a control enclosure with the bad battery light lit.  If this is your installation, then you should ask us about why our industrial UPS is a better solution.

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