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Amy Hebert – Office Manager – Nearly 10 years’ experience in sales support positions

Amy has previously worked in retail, wholesale, and distribution sales. She has extensive experience with purchasing, inventory, accounts payable and receivable, and inside sales. She is always available in our office to help with any of your needs or answer any of your questions. 

Mike Rioux - Application Engineer - 10+ years of experience in industrial automation.

Factory trained on Tatsoft, Citect SCADA and Historian, Citect Certified Engineer, joined Control Point in November 2010.

Mike provides technical support, application assistance and project integration services for the products that Control Point represents. Prior to joining Control Point, Mike was responsible for electrical engineering, including instrumentation, PLC programming, and SCADA software, at a manufacturing facility in Maine.

Jeff Murray - Sales - 27 years of experience in industrial controls and data acquisition systems in New  England.

In January 2000, Jeff founded Control Point Inc. with 10 years of experience selling instrumentation, controls, SCADA software and systems in New  England.  Starting the business with a focus on  SCADA software from Citect, for which Jeff is a Certified Trainer and  Certified Engineer, he is also successfully meeting customer's needs with Citect’s Ampla  MES software for downtime and production monitoring.  Jeff has been technically trained by Bedrock Automation, MB Connect, Pro-face, Red Lion, Schneider Electric, and Sixnet to support his sales and service efforts.  Jeff regularly provides SCADA system training for the water and wastewater industry and is a current member of the Association of  High Tech Distributors (AHTD).