​Accutech Battery powered wireless sensor networks

Fully integrated, battery-powered, rapid-deploy wireless instrumentations for measuring and monitoring data in challenging environments.

Base Radios - central to the collection and distribution of process data from Accutech field units are the Accutech base radios. These radios provide ultra-efficient communication to a maximum of 100 field units in a star network and can be overlapped with up to 256 other networks in the same area. 

Wireless Sensors - The Accutech product line includes pressure measurement field devices that can accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications that need to monitor gauge, absolute or differential pressure. 

Output Modules - accessories that provide analog outputs and switch closures based on process values from an associated field unit. The modules are DIN rail-mounted and are powered from an external 24VDC source. LEDs indicate power, RS-485 link data transmission, and fault (fail-safe) condition. Up to 25 output modules can be used simultaneously on an RS-485 network to provide a total of 100 analog outputs and 200 individually isolated switch closures. Accutech Manager is required to set up the user-programmable options, which include input/output mapping, range, trim, and fail-safe. 

Accutech Wireless Sensors
​Accutech Base Radios

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Accutech Output Modules
​Accutech Battery powered wireless sensor networks

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